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Whether you need a comprehensive developmental edit or a quick proofread, I offer a concise, thorough review of your projects that helps you deliver the most polished manuscript possible.


Consultations: $40 an hour.


This edit is for your final pass. During the proofing process, we check for any last-minute mistakes that have been missed after many previous edits have already been completed.


$0.03 per word or $3.50 per page.


This edit encompasses a grammar check, sentence and paragraph structure, style, spelling, and punctuation. This is a detailed check that is more thorough than a proofread but does not dive into structure or character development.


$0.05 per word or $5.50 per page.


As the name suggests, this edit concerns a line-by-line review of the manuscript and includes the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, style, and mechanics of the story. This edit is for the writer who wants to learn how to improve their manuscript and their writing as a whole. This includes two pass edits.


$0.07 per word or $ 7.75 per page..


This is a comprehensive edit that encompasses all aspects and elements of a full manuscript review. Grammar, sentence structure, character development, pacing, motivation, setting, elimination of unnecessary elements and weak prose, as well as the marketability of the manuscript will be discussed. This edit includes two passes and an editorial letter detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the book.


Developmental Editing (fiction): $.025/wd
Developmental Editing (non-fiction): $.049/wd
Researching/Fact Checking: $46–$50/hr

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